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Introducing SOULPWR's Brand Clarity Mini-Course for the inspired, purpose-driven entrepreneurs and changemakers of the world.


By the end of this course, you'll be equipped to clearly define your business identity, your target audience, and what sets you apart. This is your essential first step towards crafting a vibrant brand or offer strategy.


You're getting ready for a launch but You're...

  • Feeling unclear about your business identity and purpose

  • Struggling to define your target audience and differentiate yourself in the market

  • Lacking a cohesive brand strategy to attract your ideal clients

  • Unsure about how to bridge the gap between your current and ideal clients

  • Feeling lost in the competitive landscape and struggling to stand out in your industry

  • Needing guidance on crafting a memorable introduction to your offerings for networking and promotional purposes

Dani Beutell

Your Dharma Guide

Conscious Business Educator.
Brand Strategist. Consultant.
Yogi & Deep Spiritual Practitioner.

I’ve dedicated my career to mastering the art of business development from a conscious perspective. After earning my stripes in the entertainment marketing agency world, I founded SOULPWR in 2015 to flip traditional business culture on its head. Since then, SOULPWR has serviced countless clients and students across the globe in amplifying their Life’s Work through our business education, consulting, and agency management.

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Clarify Your Business Identity:

Gain a deeper understanding of your business identity, including your mission, vision, and values.


Define Your Target Audience:

Identify your ideal clients and beneficiaries, understanding their needs and desires.

daiga-ellaby--KKUqbkWmZo-unsplash (1).jpg


Brand Positioning:
Articulate your brand's core definitions and differentials concisely and effectively.


Memorable Brand Introduction:
Craft a memorable pitch for your offerings, ready to spark interest and open doors to networking opportunities.

Outcome of 

brand clarity



Clarify Your Why


Clients + Beneficiaries


Clarify Your Definitions


Clarify Your Differentials


Memorable Introductions

Get a solid grasp on your mission, vision, and values. Remember, the most impactful businesses are rooted in a strong mission. It's time to take a step back, gain clarity, and define the mark you want to leave on the world.

Pinpoint your ideal clients and beneficiaries. Whether they're the same or different groups, we'll explore how your business can provide value and support to them.

Ground your vision with clear definitions. We'll distill WHY you do what you do, WHO you are, WHO you serve, and WHAT you offer into concise statements.

Clarify your differentials – what sets you apart in your field. We'll explore how you stand out, how you deliver, and how you exceed industry standards.

This is our unique version of an "elevator pitch." Use the memorable introduction to clearly and concisely introduce your brand and offerings to spark interest when networking or promoting your business. 

What Our Clients Say

SOULPWR's insights, guidance, and support have been invaluable. Dani is experienced, wise, attentive, and aligned with a top-notch team that helped me build my entire online school! 

Mike Cohen, Kirtan Leader Institute


take the essential first step for a successful launch

Brand clarity Mini-Course

$500 $250

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