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Allow us to reintroduce ourselves

Where have you been? What happened to SOULPWR?

I’ll start by stating the obvious – no one has gotten through the past few years unscathed or unchanged. We have been challenged to adapt in ways we never could have imagined. We’ve sacrificed the comfortable and the familiar. We’ve learned that we can’t rely on the status quo to always be there. We’ve learned we can endure much more than we feared. We’ve learned how to live without each other’s presence, and in doing so have learned the essential value of human connection and (true) community.

In short: we are so capable and resilient – and, we really need each other.

As an entrepreneur and business guide to many others, I was in the trenches the past couple years doing everything I could to “be scrappy.” An unprecedented pandemic radically changed the landscape of the spiritual, wellness, and personal development spaces that I have lived and worked in for nearly 15 years.

I watched countless beloved community spaces shutter, and an equal number of leaders and teachers throw in the towel. I also witnessed many inspiring acts of innovation, bravery, and selfless service as leaders of a new era stepped forward.

As the CEO of a boutique digital agency, I struggled to singlehandedly hold up the clients, team, and business I had spent 7 years cultivating. Together, we pivoted, went lean, threw darts, made quick assessments and decisions, questioned everything, and pushed beyond the limits of our comfort zones. I gave everything I had to help my community and myself survive, and coming out the other side, well, I was exhausted.

Humans are remarkably powerful, resilient, and creative – but we’re not machines. We are living expressions of the Earth, and all her creations are, by design, limited. It’s part of what makes Life precious – that we, in this form anyway, are not infinite. We do the best we can with the information and resources we have, and with the time we’ve been granted here.

I can’t overstate how much this time has changed me. It’s changed the fundamental paradigm from which I move through the world. It’s changed my values. Ultimately it grounded me in an earnest and beneficial way.

The past few years, stone by stone, I have climbed out of the rubble the pandemic left on the small business community and my own business. I knew the old way was gone, and a new one was yet to emerge. Some moments call for withdrawal and reflection, and I listened to that call. I put SOULPWR in hibernation and created the space I needed to really integrate what I learned from the prior decade as an entrepreneur, spiritual seeker, and human being.

I asked big questions about what I am really here to do, and what is the greatest service my gifts and skills could contribute to this changing world. I asked what SOULPWR really wanted to be. I’m still listening, but I have fresh clarity and am hopeful and inspired to re-emerge and reconnect with new perspective and direction.

Now more than ever, it is evident to me that the only businesses that are in integrity are the ones that recognizes the inherent humanity at its center and honors that in the basic actions of its operations.

The things we all need are pretty basic – safety, health, connection, fulfillment. We’ve made business and societal life so f*ing complicated, mechanical, and individualistic and have lost sight of the basic purpose and nature of working together – sharing our unique gifts and talents to make our lives, and everyone’s lives around us, better.

SOULPWR’s motto is “Grow Your Life’s Work for the Greater Good,” and I stand by this mission. I am so committed to supporting those who want to create a good life while making this world a better place.

How can I, personally, do that now? Well, I’m going to call back to something I said earlier: we are capable and resilient – and, we really need each other.

I believe that the greatest service I can do for this new chapter, as the leader of SOULPWR and as a Dharma Guide, is to help purpose-driven entrepreneurs recognize and grow their own capacities, design resilience and regeneration into their businesses, and to co-create genuine support systems and community that foster these things far beyond my scope of influence.

SOULPWR has been in the chrysalis for some time, and we’re about ready to emerge as something new to share with you. Something inspired by and for this new era.

I have always been humbled to serve you in all the ways I know how, and I’m grateful and proud of all the good work we’ve already done together. I would be truly honored if you’d join me in this new chapter. The world needs you empowered, supported, and living the calling that’s alive in your heart.

Thank you for being a part of this community thus far, whatever corner of the world or internet you’re on.

That’s all for now, but more coming very soon 💜

Big big love, Dani




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