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Online course production

Share your Life's Work through a high-value course that amplifies your income while enriching the community you love.

Done For You

Are you ready to scale your business with online education?

  • You have so much to teach and share, and want to make a bigger impact with your work in a way that's accessible to many but financially honors your time and expertise

  • You know that online education is a powerful tool to scale your business online, but don't know how or just don't have the space and time to do it

  • You want a reliable source of passive and scalable income in your business so you can break free of the grind of 24/7work, and have more time to enjoy life and invest your time where it's most of service


OUR background

The SOULPWR Collective is founded by a team of Online

Education Experts, and we're here to help you create a beautiful, lifechanging, and highly-profitable online course or community for your business.

We guide you step-by-step through the entire course creation process: from concept, to curriculum design, to production, to building all your platforms and resources, to coaching you through the launch and delivery of your program.

At the end, you will have a high-value, inspiring asset that immediately scales the longterm profit potential of your business.


To learn more about how Online Education can expand your income AND impact, reach out for a free consultation today!

What Our Clients Say

SOULPWR's insights, guidance, and support have been invaluable. Dani is experienced, wise, attentive, and aligned with a top-notch team that helped me build my entire online school! 

Mike Cohen, Kirtan Leader Institute

OUR Process









Develop a clear and marketable online course concept aligned with your expertise. Establish branding, curriculum outline, and strategic positioning.

Provide comprehensive guidance and resources for setting up a professional online course. Simplify technical aspects and streamline production processes.

Facilitate smooth and high-quality video content production or guide through self-production. Ensure engaging visual learning experiences and professional aesthetics.

Complete end-to-end production of all course content and setup in Learning Management System (LMS). Create diverse content formats and optimize user experience.

Your team of experts

Joe Schwab

Community Director

Joe brings over 5 years of experience as Lead Community Manager for the industry-leading online education platform, Kajabi to the SOULPWR team. He specializes in developing cutting-edge, elegant, and efficient platform solutions and systems that make the creation and hosting of your online school easy to use for you and your students. Additionally, Joe supports you with designing strategic communications to keep your community growing, engaged, and having a life-changing experience.


joes profile.png

Caroline Huntley
Creative Director


Caroline bridges a fine-art education with her career in mindful business, marketing and design to create beautiful, authentic, and stand-out visual branding for all your course assets: from the design of your platforms, lesson materials, and marketing communications, every element of your online course will have a highly professional and inspiring look & feel that keeps your students excited to come back for more.


Dani Beutell
CEO & Brand Director

Dani brings 15+ years of experience in brand development, online education, and digital marketing, working with hundreds of purpose-driven entrepreneurs and social impact organizations. Additionally, she's served as co-founder and Online Education Director for international yoga school Tantra Illuminated building their entire online school and community programming from the ground up.


Dani will help you clarify how online education fits into the holistic strategy of your brand, to design your curriculum and course formatting, so you make the RIGHT course for your business and community's needs.

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the world deserves your gifts

The world needs you to share your gifts

Nothing should stand between you and your ability to do so.

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